Firm Named as Top Legal "Food Crusader!"

Crusading for food grown locally and sustainably!

Crusading for food grown locally and sustainably!

We are so thrilled to have been included in the amazing group of attorneys named to the 2013 "Top 10 Crusaders in the Food Movement -- Lawyer Edition" list. Check us out (under our former firm name, Fare Grange Law) on Michele Simon's Huffington Post blog at number five!

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Michele for recognizing our firm and our food lawyer colleagues. Michele is a noted public health and food law attorney who - in addition to her consulting work - runs an extremely informative blog about the law and politics of food at Eat Drink Politics. Head over there to check out her own crusading work!

Here's an edited version of the Top Ten list. Congratulations to all of the lawyers and law firms listed. We need as many attorneys as possible out there working on behalf of sustainable farmers, independent food businesses, and food and farm advocates. 


1) Janelle Orsi, executive director of the Sustainable Economies Law Center.  @JanelleOrsi

2) Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic.

3) Jason Foscolo, a food law attorney based in New York, providing "legal counsel for farmers and food entrepreneurs."  @FoodLawAttorney

4) Jean Terranova, bringing attention to the practice of food law while working with the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic. @JeanTerranova

5) Fare Grange Law (now Jambor Heyman, Lawyers for Good Food), providing legal services to "sustainable, local, non-GMO and organic farm businesses, independent food entrepreneurs, and good food advocacy groups." @GoodFoodLaw

6) Ted Mermin, executive director of the Public Good Law Center in Berkeley. 

7) Reece Richman, a small but powerful law firm based in New York City that is suing the likes of Coca-Cola, General Mills, and PepsiCo's Frito-Lay over deceptive marketing practices. 

8) George Kimbrell, asenior attorney at Center for Food Safety, one of very few advocacy groups that uses litigation as a tool to improve the food system. @TrueFoodNow

9) Attorneys General and City Attorneys: An often overlooked but powerful tool is that of state attorneys general and city attorney offices, both of which can file consumer deception cases against companies engaging in misleading advertising.

10) Baylen Linnekin, executive director of Keep Food Legal.  @BaylenLinnekin