AgriNews Covers JH Pesticide Drift Panel

Jambor Heyman partners Jennifer Jambor-Delgado and Amanda Heyman organized a well-attended panel on pesticide drift issues at the 2015 Minnesota Organic Conference. Organic farmers and Jambor Heyman clients Noreen Thomas of Doubting Thomas Farms and Oluf Johnson of Johnson Family Farms shared their stories about how their families have handled serious pesticide drift and misapplication incidents. Jen and Amanda answered audience questions regarding potential legal recourse for farmers affected by pesticide drift, and provided information about how organic farmers can respond when hit with chemical drift. The lively audience participation made clear that pesticide drift incidents are serious issues that are likely to increase in frequency, especially with the upcoming introduction of Enlist-Duo, the new 2,4-D-based pesticide for RoundUp Ready crops.