Feta Cheese, Craft Beer, and a side of Food Law

We're excited to announce Eastlake Craft Brewery as the site of our March 31 Good Food Law workshop. The workshop is entitled "Building Business Relationships," and will feature Mike Rakes of Philia Foods.

Eastlake Craft Brewery is in the Midtown Global Market, and has an inspiring backstory. Read about how Eastlake owner and head brewer Ryan Pitman left his job as a MetroTransit driver to open his dream brewery here and here.

More about the workshop:

The Building Successful Business Relationships workshop will feature Mike Rakes, owner of local feta cheese spread brand Philia Foods. Mike, a 2014 Minnesota Cup Semifinalist who has taken his brand from the farmers' market to over 70 regional retail stores, will share his experience creating successful relationships with key players in the good food business universe. 
Jambor Heyman attorneys Jen & Amanda will provide attendees with useful strategies for using contracts to create a roadmap for a mutually beneficial business relationship and will explain how to identify and improve contract "danger zones" that can open food businesses to legal liability and expense. 

Join us for happy hour on March 31 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Eastlake Craft Brewery in the Midtown Global Market.  Click here to register.