Full House For Good Food Labeling Workshop!

We had a full house for our Good Food Labeling workshop last night. Thanks to Jeff Holmberg of Holmberg Design Co. for his thorough and insightful presentation on packaging design. A few major takeaways from his presentation:  1) Keep it simple; 2) Find your own identity; and 3) Make sure your brand and packaging will allow for new product lines. Jeff also provided the group with beautiful and delicious goodies from his clients Bliss, Dogwood Coffee Co., Pizzeria Lola, Natedogs, and Bogarts Doughnut Co.

Also during the workshop, Jen and Amanda covered labeling and marketing basics - including what information must be displayed and how it must be displayed on food packaging. We also identified current "hot spots" in the law, such as nutrient content claims, health claims, and "natural" claims. Finally, we discussed marketing certifications, such as USDA organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and more. Thanks to the great group of food business owners who attended for their questions and participation!

Our next workshop is on March 31 at Eastlake Craft Brewery. The "Building Successful Business Relationships" workshop will feature Mike Rakes of Philia Foods. Click here for more details and registration.